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Hikers Rescue Injured Dog Stuck On Mountain For 4 Days After Owner Posts Plea On Facebook

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Amanda contacted the local RCMP who said they should wait until Monday to see if they showed up, but only Janessa emerged from the woods to get more food and water for Louie. That’s when the family were told that the authorities wouldn’t authorize a rescue for a non-human, so instead Amanda reached out to the local hiking community for help.

“A plea for help…I am not sure if you can help or not but maybe steer us in the right direction,” she posted on Facebook’s Chilliwack BC Hiking Club. “Our daughter who is an avid hiker climbed up to Radium Lake on Saturday…She took our dog with her for company. They were due down Monday afternoon but something had happened to the dog and he can’t climb back down.

“She came back down for some more supplies yesterday as she had been out of water and food for a day and the dog as well,” Amanda continued.

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“Her dad and I tried to climb up to help her yesterday but being in our fifties and never hiked in that way ever before couldn’t make it to the lake and not sure how short we were. Is there any way help can go to her to get her and the dog back off the mountain we would gladly pay for it…Thanks Amanda and John.”


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